• Debugging Complex code

    OzCode Webinar - Debugging Complex Code

    Understanding the state of your system is an important part of every debugging session. We want to know what the current values are, how they have changed over time and the difference between the existing state and the expected state.


    Finding and fixing bugs becomes more and more challenging as the data becomes more complex and harder to understand, until we reach a point in which finding a single value is like finding a … more

  • Even more powerful LINQ debugging, now with Query Syntax support!

    When we set our sights on improving LINQ debugging, we assumed that supporting LINQ's method-based Fluent API would be enough to please almost everybody.

    Since we believe in creating features that our users actually want, we wanted to hear from actual, living, breathing, users. We gave our team this new version and sent them out into the world to show and demo the new feature, and gather feedback from C# developers. We gave our brilliantly insightful OzCode Magicians community … more

  • Enter the era of LINQ debugging with the OzCode Early Access Program


    LINQ is awesome. It allows us to write powerful, succinct, and expressive code that’s a pleasure to read and maintain. When LINQ was first introduced, way back when in the days of yore (circa 2007), it ushered in a new day in C# development and opened up the new and exciting world of functional constructs to the unsuspecting masses of imperative C# programmers. Nine-ish years later, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a modern C# code-base … more

  • Announcing the OzCode Magician Program

    Meet the OzCode Magicians!

    Since the very early days of OzCode, the developer community has been showering us with love and support, and we couldn’t possibly imagine being where we are today without your invaluable input.

    Today, we are proud to announce the OzCode Magician (OCM) program, recognizing those individuals who, through their ongoing contribution and support, have helped us take debugging in Visual Studio to new heights.

    OzCode magicians will receive … more

  • Announcing OzCode EAP - already supports VS15 Preview!

    Hello from sunny San Francisco!

    We are posting this entry straight from our expo booth at //build 2016, where our team is drawing quite a lot of attention and excitement, showing off OzCode’s capabilities and a snippet of what’s in store for the future of debugging in C#!

    Since Microsoft released Visual Studio "15" Preview two days ago, our team has been frantically testing the latest build of OzCode, and we are more than happy to announce the release of OzCode EAP, … more

  • OzCode v2.0 Webinar in German!

    OzCode v2.0 - Zurück in die Zukunft!

    We are happy to collaborate again with our good friend Philipp Dolder from bbv Software Services, and bring you a special OzCode v2.0 Webinar in German! 

    Read Phillip's announcement:

    Hallo, ich bin Ihr Gastgeber, Philipp Dolder, Software Architekt bei der bbv Software Services. bbv Software Services ist ein Schweizer Software- und Beratungsunternehmen. bbv steht für Top-Qualität im Software Engineering und f& … more

  • OzCode v2.0 Webinar

    Back to the Future Webinar

    With OzCode v2.0, we’ve added many features that boost developers’ productivity.

    Our mission is to to help developers find bugs quicker and more efficiently, and so we introduced the concept of a “Head-Up Display” for the debugger, and added predictive “fortune telling” capabilities.

    These features give developers live feedback on the changes they make while​ debugging, eliminating the need … more

  • Sweden here we come!

    Attention magicians! OzCode is going on an extensive tour of Sweden, and you can catch us live in several locations!

    The release of OzCode v2.0 is now behind us, and we figured this is a great time to take OzCode on the road. 

    The awesome guys at the Swedish .NET User Group (swenug) have invited our Chief Architect and Microsoft Regional Director, Alon Fliess, to speak at several of their meetups. In the talk, Alon will take a deep dive into the Visual Studio debugger, and … more

  • OzCode v2.0 is released (Sim-shipped with Visual Studio 2015) !

    It's been just over a year since v1.0 of OzCode was released, and we have come a very very long way since. Our team has been working around the clock to make v2.0 a huge step forward, significantly improving performance and adding some truly remarkable new features! As part of these improvements, we made the brave choice to re-write OzCode's core to use the new Roslyn compiler-as-a-service platform, and this decision has opened up countless ways in which we can make OzCode … more

  • A new v2.0 beta is out, and it's the most exciting one yet!

    We are extremely thrilled to announce a new version of OzCode v2.0 beta!

    In this version, we are finally unveiling the final piece of the OzCode v2.0 puzzle, with two fabulous new features, Historical Simplify and Magic Glance, which work together to give you a whole new experience of debugging and live-editing your code!

    These features are only supported on VS2013 and VS2015.

    OzCode’s HUD Gets a Makeover

    We went ahead and gave our UI a nice little make-over, for a … more