• Announcement: Back to the Yellow Brick Road!

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    Something magical happened to us in the past couple of weeks: we’ve been featured in Channel 9’s Visual Studio Toolbox and listed on Scott Hanselman’s 2014 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List. We have received an overwhelming positive response from the .NET developers community about the things we’re working on! A large amount of feedback we received was regarding the Portable Class Library (PCL) support. It’s something that was in our immediate backlog, which we planned to … more

  • Painlessly debugging the WPF Visual Tree in a MVVM-heavy app

    By Tamir Dresher Visual Studio comes with a built-in Visual Tree Visualizer which is really useful, but in order to start using it you have to find a reference to the instance of the FrameworkElement (i.e. UserControl, Window etc.) that you want to visualize. Getting the reference to the desired FrameworkElement is especially hard if you are using proper MVVM architecture style, since most (if not all) of your code is located in the ViewModel and the ViewModel doesn’t have a reference to the … more

  • Debugging Coded UI Tests – The Horror and the Ecstasy

    By Michael Sutton Writing Coded UI tests is usually pretty easy: using the right tool, you can simply record some UI interactions, and the tool will generate code which will replay your actions programmatically. Well, I was trying to do that for automating OzCode’s UI tests, but it wasn't as easy as I expected. For testing OzCode’s features, we obviously need to run a Visual Studio instance with a debugged application, and play around with the different features while debugging. In our case we … more

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Exception Handling with the TPL

    By Amir Zuker The Task Parallel Library (TPL) was released officially along with .NET 4.0 and it’s the new way of implementing and consuming asynchronous work. This post assumes you have basic experience with the TPL already, if not you can read more about it here.  In this post I will discuss the scenarios that exist in the TPL in regards to exception handling, and there are more than a few. A task represents an asynchronous unit of work, and as you can see, you only need an Action in … more

  • OzCode Release Candidate 4 is out!

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    We’ve been busy-bees here at OzCode over the past few weeks, working diligently to talk to our users and figure out the remaining one-off bugs and stability issues that still remain before we can release a stable v1.0.

    This version fixes some stability issues in the recently-reimplemented Search feature, and also solves conflicts with some 3rd party tools such as NCover and Xamarin. If you’ve had issues with OzCode errors popping up while debugging a Xamarin Android or iOS project, … more

  • OzCode v1.0 Release Candidate 3 is out!

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    Today we’re excited to announce another RC of OzCode! Over the past few weeks we’ve been mulling over your feedback and working tirelessly to improve the stability of OzCode. Many issues were resolved in this release – we’ve fixed OzCode’s support for high-DPI multi-monitor environments, improved the compatibility story with IntelliTrace, and eliminated an issue which caused slow Step-Overs in Windows Phone debugging.


    There remain a few open issues we … more

  • OzCode v1.0 Release Candidate 2 is Out!

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    We’re gearing up towards the first public release of OzCode v1.0, and today we’re announcing the second Release Candidate of OzCode. Based on great feedback from our users, we’ve packed-in a huge amount of improvements in this release, as well as improved upon the radical performance improvements in Search, Compare, and Save Snapshots that were introduced in the first RC. Please note that the new, rocket-fast Search implementation does not work yet in Windows Phone, Windows Store, and … more

  • OzCode v1.0 Release Candidate Available!

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      It’s been a busy year for us at CodeValue! Since announcing OzCode earlier this year, we’ve added tons of new features and improved many existing ones. Today we’re reaching a historic milestone, and announcing the Release Candidate (RC) of OzCode v1.0! The highlights of this release include support for Visual Studio 2013 and a radical performance improvement (up to 300%) in “Search”, “Compare With…” and “Save Snapshot” features! In addition, tons of bugs and minor issues were fixed. The … more

  • New OzCode Beta: Dark Theme Support and More!

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    Oh boy, do we have a new, action-packed beta release for you! In this release we have addressed your feedback, and improved upon many features. Here’s a list of what’s new in this release: Support for VS2012 Dark Theme – dialogs now look consistent across all themes .NET 3.5 is no longer required to be installed on Windows 8 machines Performance and stability improvements, such as: Fixed: Improved F10 performance Fixed: Typing code in the code editor became slow after using VS2012’s Diff … more