New OzCode Beta: Dark Theme Support and More!

New OzCode Beta: Dark Theme Support and More!

Oh boy, do we have a new, action-packed beta release for you! In this release we have addressed your feedback, and improved upon many features.

Here’s a list of what’s new in this release:

  • Support for VS2012 Dark Theme – dialogs now look consistent across all themes
  • .NET 3.5 is no longer required to be installed on Windows 8 machines
  • Performance and stability improvements, such as:
    • Fixed: Improved F10 performance
    • Fixed: Typing code in the code editor became slow after using VS2012’s Diff Viewer
    • Fixed: Error were sometimes raised when editing code in Razor views (.cshtml files)
    • Fixed: Trying to show data-tip over a catch clause without a variable (“catch (Exception)”) caused an error
    • Fixed: Exceptions Trail window raised errors when right-clicking after user stopped debugging
    • Fixed: Certain exceptions did not appear properly in Exceptions Trail
    • Fixed: Enhanced Mode: stepping over an equality comparison between two chars caused an error
    • Fixed: OzCode hangs Visual Studio if editing a value or flipping ‘Hex Display’ on a huge collection
    • Fixed: DataTip did not work when hovering over a parameter of an async lambda expression
    • Fixed: Dramatically reduced GC pressure when using Search/Compare on large objects
    • Fixed: Installer fails if a rogue ‘MetadataLoader.exe’ process stays in memory
    • Fixed: Several errors thrown in various circumstances due to NullReferenceExceptions
    • Fixed: On some computers, an error occurs during Visual Studio shutdown

In addition, we’ve made several important changes relating to the default options of OzCode. For performance considerations, the Foresee feature (foreach visualization) is now opt-in, so is Enhanced Mode support for pre-.NET 4.0 applications. In order to enable support for either of those features, you have to enable them explicitly in the OzCode options dialog.

As always, we appreciate your feedback! Let us know what you think, and report on any issues you might encounter.

Please download the latest beta now!

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