OzCode Release Candidate 4 is out!

OzCode Release Candidate 4 is out!

We’ve been busy-bees here at OzCode over the past few weeks, working diligently to talk to our users and figure out the remaining one-off bugs and stability issues that still remain before we can release a stable v1.0.

This version fixes some stability issues in the recently-reimplemented Search feature, and also solves conflicts with some 3rd party tools such as NCover and Xamarin. If you’ve had issues with OzCode errors popping up while debugging a Xamarin Android or iOS project, this update should take care of it!

We’ve also fixed errors that popped up in Remote Debugging scenarios, such as when debugging an Azure Worker Role. Check out the complete list of changes here.

There’s still a known issue where OzCode does not function properly when debugging a PCL (Portable Class Library) assembly, but we are working hard to fix that soon.


Please go to our web-site and grab the fresh-baked bits!


We hope that you’ll enjoy these new improvements, and please let us know if anything goes awry!


Let there be Magic,

- The OzCode Team

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