OzCode v1.0 Release Candidate 3 is out!

OzCode v1.0 Release Candidate 3 is out!

Today we’re excited to announce another RC of OzCode! Over the past few weeks we’ve been mulling over your feedback and working tirelessly to improve the stability of OzCode. Many issues were resolved in this release – we’ve fixed OzCode’s support for high-DPI multi-monitor environments, improved the compatibility story with IntelliTrace, and eliminated an issue which caused slow Step-Overs in Windows Phone debugging.


There remain a few open issues we are currently working on – specifically, there is a known issue where OzCode’s features do not work as expected when debugging PCL (Portable Class Libraries) assemblies, or Remote Debugging into Azure.

As always, we are eager to hear from our users, so please let us know what you think!

May the Wand be with you,

- The OzCode Team


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